Welding, CPC


Seven total Career Pathway Certificates in Welding are available. The following courses apply to each Certificate.

Welding courses can be started throughout the academic year, regardless of term. Please note that Summer term may have a limited course offering.

Course List

IT140Industrial Safety


WLD100Materials Processing

1 - 4

WLD101Shielded Metal Arc Welding

1 - 10

WLD102Gas Metal Arc Welding

1 - 9

WLD103Flux Core Arc Welding

1 - 9

WLD104Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

1 - 8

WLD100 must be 2 credits
WLD101 must be 3 credits
WLD102 must be 3 credits
WLD103 must be 3 credits
WLD104 must be 3 credits