Academic Information

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of student to know and to observe the requirements of their degree or certificate program and the rules governing academic work. Although advisors will attempt to help students make wise decisions, the final responsibility for meeting the requirements for graduation rests with the student.

Companion Classes

A work experience seminar course is offered to augment the cooperative education experience. While enrolled in a work experience course, students must take the work experience seminar course concurrently, unless they have completed it in a previous term.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is an initiative that allows people to earn college credit for their past professional or personal experiences. Please visit our Transfer Credits page and navigate to Earning Credit from Past Professional and Personal Experiences.

Job Board

Local positions are posted on the boards in Columbia Hall, 2nd floor, near the cafe.

Reading & Conference

Clatsop Community College allows, under specific circumstances, the use of independent study classes (also called R & C) under certain modalities and course types. The classes will be approved only after all other alternatives are explored. The classes must be approved by instructors first. If the instructor genuinely believes that circumstances warrant a class to be offered as an independent study class, the instructor may petition the Office of Instruction on their behalf. The petition will include the reasons for offering this class as independent study and proposed class activities and assignments. This petition needs to be signed by the instructor, student, and advisor before it is forwarded to the Office of Instruction. For more information call (503) 338-2440.

Transfer Credit

Coursework for which students earned a "C-" or better grade from a regionally accredited institution may be accepted to meet degree or certificate requirements at Clatsop Community College. Transfer coursework, although it may be used to meet requirements, will not be included in a Clatsop Community College cumulative grade point average.

Academic Monitoring

When a student’s cumulative GPA drops below a 2.0 they will be placed on academic monitoring. When in academic monitoring a student will receive an email and or a call from a Student Services Advisor who will assist them in a success plan.