Grading System

A 4.0 GPA Outstanding performance
B 3.0 GPA Commendable performance
C 2.0 GPA Satisfactory performance
D 1.0 GPA Minimal performance
F 0.0 GPA Failing performance
I Incomplete
P Pass
NP No Pass
W Withdrawal
AU Audit

I - Incomplete (0.0 GPA)
At the request of the student, an instructor may award an incomplete if the student has completed 75% of the class. The student has until the end of the following term to complete requirements of the contract. Incomplete grades will convert to the grade earned at the time of the request if the Registrar’s office does not receive a Change of Grade form.

P - Pass
You may earn credit for a course which is graded on a Pass / No Pass basis. The "P" grade denotes a level of accomplishment of "A through C.”

NP - No Pass
A “NP” grade denotes a level of accomplishment of “D" or "F.” Credits are awarded but do not count toward a student’s cumulative GPA.

W - Withdrawal
The “W” grade represents a student-initiated withdrawal, which can be made up until Finals week during the current term. Students who withdraw from a course will receive a W on their transcript. The W is not computed in a student’s GPA. Withdrawals may impact Financial Aid.

AU - Audit
A grade of “AU” will be recorded on the transcript of students who want to audit a college course but do not wish to receive college credit. An Audit does not require students to meet specific course requirements, but students should participate fully in course activities. Fees for auditing a class are the same as regular enrollment fees.

Grading Policies

  • Most CCC courses are graded on the A - F system. Some courses are graded Pass / No Pass (P / NP). These grades apply to all students.
  • You may register for an audit if you do not wish to receive credit for a course. You will not receive Financial Aid for an audit class.
  • End-of-term grades are available in the Student Portal, at noon the Monday after Finals week each term. Grades will not be shared over the phone but can be shared via email using the email address(es) on file in a student’s record.
  • When a student’s cumulative GPA drops below a C, or 2.0, they will be placed on academic monitoring. A Student Services advisor will assist them in a success plan.