WR122 Advanced Composition

Writing 122 continues the focus of Writing121 wherein students develop college-level reading, critical thinking, and research writing skills. In addition to formal writing assignments, classroom activities will encourage students’ metacognitive awareness of academic writing understood through a growing rhetorical vocabulary that includes formal argumentative structures. Specifically, students will evaluate and compose chains of reasoning, distinguish assertions from evidence, identify and evaluate assumptions, recognize logical fallacies, and select sources appropriate for an academic writing task. Approaching writing and research as reiterative, strategic exploration, students will demonstrate flexible, collaborative, and appropriate composing process, working in at least two nonfiction genres and producing at least one multimodal product (eg: podcast, weblog, e-portfolio, slide presentation, narrated video.) Successful students will produce 3500-4500 words of revised, final draft copy or an appropriate multimodal equivalent. If the focus is primarily multimodal, students will produce at least one researched essay of 1500 words, demonstrating competence in academic documentation and structured argumentation.




WR121 Or WR121Z